Hey folks!

If you know me, then you already understand this site without any explanation.  Because I am the ultimate Shiny Addict.   When it comes to games, I am distracted by all the cool things that can be discovered and done (and at times, destroyed!) in the myriad of online and single-player games.

It all started back when I’d stop everything I was doing just to watch the Tatooine suns set in Star Wars Galaxies.   The affliction really manifested itself, however, when I became addicted to collecting those glowy little treasures that  littered the ground of Norrath in EverQuest II.   Known by the term shinies, they  would spring up anywhere — even under a boss’ feet!  Did that mean I’d pass up a chance at that glowy?  Nope!  I’d risk certain death many times over just to nab that little random tidbit.

As my gaming repertoire continued to expand (and when I started working at Massively.com in 2011 and then MassivelyOP.com, that repertoire exploded!), I found myself still distracted by really fun features, luscious landscapes, and the crazy quirks that games have.   Now, I seek after those amazing distractions that make games worth exploring and enjoying,  poking through all the nooks and crannies and fighting a constant battle with my overflowing inventory.

This site is my personal journey to not only uncover and experience but to also share all those shinies that are lurking throughout the gaming spectrum. So join me in the fun!

MJ Guthrie

AKA Shiny Addict