Welcome to my ALL HAIL page where I personally bow deep and thank the amazing generosity of those who have pledged support for the growth of these shiny seeking endeavors. Of course, everyone who has taken the time to peruse the sites and watch a stream or read a post is showing support just by partaking in the shininess. And for each of you I am very grateful.

By supporting through Patreon, these particular folks are making it so that there will be even more shiny goodness available to all. More shinies? You can’t argue with that! What is Patreon? You can read all about it here. For that added level of support, these folks get a slot on the special Wall of Shiny. From all of us who love shinies to all of you who support the growth of LFS, Next in EverQuest, and MJTV, THANK YOU!

And a special thank you also to all those who still support via Patreon, but did not want their names to be published (you know who you are!).


Mark R.


Carroll V.

Rubi B.

Roger P.

Sam H.

Matthew G.

Dagget B.

Bill C.