5-3-24 real

The first step of any journey begins with one step.  But who are we kidding? I leap into things!  Or off of things, as the case may be.  And if a friend happens to be on auto-follow at the time I dive over a cliff… well then the death isn’t MY fault, is it?

I welcome all my old friends to this new haunt.  And if we haven’t met yet, well then: Hello!  You can get to know a bit about me — and a get a forewarning of a few of my quirks — by checking out the About page.   If you are really brave, you can ask some of the others about me.  Or you can choose to just learn about me as this little journey commences.  Either way, I look forward to hanging out with ya’ll.  (Deaths from following me over cliffs is purely optional, though highly probably.)

So let’s get this party started, shall we?  You, me, and whatever games that happen to catch our eyes will be featured here.  This isn’t meant to be a news site, but an search for all things fun in gaming delivered with my slightly unique opinion.  And hopefully yours as well!  So, are you ready?  Well, ready or not — here Looking for Shinies comes!  And it’s only fitting that I launch today, the release anniversary of the movie that led to the MMO that led to my gaming.

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  1. agemyth on May 25, 2014

    Do we need a new EQ2 guild name? or 😛

    • agemyth on May 25, 2014

      >< Brackets broke part of my post! That second part said "LFS or Looking for Shinies :P". But now its ruined!

      • Shiny Addict Author on May 25, 2014

        Nah! Because I’m still a fixture of Massively, and I plan to stay that way as long as possible! This is just for other thoughts and streams I don’t get to focus on there. Minions will always rock!

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