drunder again
In your endeavors in game as well as life, it’s always important to learn something. And learn something I DID! During our final delve into Drunder’s Spire of Rage in EverQuest II’s, I learned that even when you do everything right, things don’t always work out. And that it’s not always your — or your merc’s — fault.

Yah, who would have thought the merc could get off this time? And that wasn’t even the best lesson of the day. That honor goes to my new best friend, Squidface; I learned that when you have a Coercer merc and a trio of player healers, you can stalemate a bugged situation indefinitely! It will truly be the fight that never ends. Until you get bored, that is. Oh, and last lesson that is applicable no matter what you are doing: running out of bubbles is bad!

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  1. Marcos on May 8, 2015

    Some kind of F2P model is an interesting idea, but as usual SOE has opted for a teilbrre implementation. The path they are following now inevitably points to a clear intention 1) Choke off the Live servers by completely killing the free trial to those servers, and instead force all new players onto their new microtransaction Extended server.2) Offer one-way copies / transfers from the Live servers to the Extended servers, but no options to go the other way.Both of the above will end with one result the death of the current Live servers as populations on them dwindle. Understandable from a bottom line perspective, as F2P / RMT models do tend to generate more revenue, but this is a big slap in the face to their loyal customers that have supported them for so long and invested a lot into the game (both in terms of time and money).To me this seems rushed and SOE could have found a far better compromise. For example, they could have added a restrictive (but time-unlimited) F2P experience on current Live servers (more akin to an extended trial). People could then purchase game features a la carte or upgrade to the normal subscription for the full feature-set.What most current players are opposed to, is SOE’s push on micro-transactions through their MarketPlace, and they seem to be using this new Extended service to peddle their new stat and (eventually / inevitably) overpowered items, that people will need to buy just to stay competitive. And with SOE diverting all new players to this new (isolated) server, it is clear where their priorities lie.It is not a F2P / subscription hybrid model that current players are opposed to, as long as the price of it is not a massive expansion of the SOE marketplace into items that do actually affect gameplay. Keep it to fluff items, or if you have to offer armor with stats, then don’t encroach on the current tier (i.e. no armor / items / rares above level 80).Should SOE wish to offer overpowered must-have items through the marketplace, then by all means, but keep it to Bazaar / Vox / Livegamer servers, where you already have a captive audience. The F2P experience (without the massive MarketPlace expansion) must, however, be offered to all servers.

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