hell again
Nothing like a refreshing return to Hell! In order to help one loyal viewer and group member finish off all the Elite dungeons in The Secret World, we revisited the inferno. Which means we eagerly dove back into the fiery depths of Hell. Should one ever be eager for that? At least to spice things up, I made this run unique…

Unique how? I ran the entire dungeon in first person! That’s right, even the Machine Tyrant final boss. Talk about an interesting experience. I felt a little to up-close and personal with a mob or two, but otherwise it went fairly smoothly. Fairly being the operative word here.

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  1. dirtyklingon on July 5, 2014

    the header pic is great.

    back in cbt there was this thread complaining about the removal of nipples from the game, and a dev made this very silly post saying “WE DID NOT INTEND THIS GAME TO HAVE A MATURE RATING” (i seem to recall it being in caps and all LOL)

    and i was like, so you don’t think the swearing drug usage and gore wouldn’t get an m/pegi18 rating on their own? 😀

    but i loved dem succubus pancake nipples. nothing says demonic like nips bigger than a grown man’s face.

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