Well stick a fork in it and call it done! E3 is finally over! No, I don’t mean the show floor, which closed down last Thursday; I mean my personal experience. See, with write-ups and embargo dates, my E3 week stretched even further. But as of today I have it all wrapped up and done. Well, except for the Guild wars 2 piece that is embargoed until July 1st. But still! I can finally start looking at other things again and dive whole-heartedly back into steaming now that those stories are no longer looming over my head.

Don’t get me wrong: E3 is awesome. And being press does have some advantages, like getting to crack jokes with Naoki Yoshida and talk shop with Richard Garriott and Starr Long. Sometimes you even get extra time to demo a game or skip a line. But it is not all that. Oh, no! No, you don’t have time to stand in any lines for something you may want to personally peruse because you are there for work. You run here and there getting to appointments and then spend the down time writing.

I’d never trade my con experiences for anything. I seriously love them. But for those who think it’s just about going to a long party on the company dime, you’ve got it all wrong. Yes, you get some awesome perks, but you work your hiney off for them. And you sleep when the work is all done.

Now, to rest up and get ready for the SOE Live rush!

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