Hello fellow shiny seekers. Who doesn’t like new and shiny stuff? Pfft, no one here, of course! That’s why we’re congregated at Looking for Shinies, no? And I certainly have plans for expanding this site (as well as my Norrathian project Next in EverQuest) with lots of goodies that fall in the new and shiny categories as time goes on. More streams, videos, podcasts, comics, contests — these are but a few ideas to implement as LFS grows. Guest artists? Sure. Special swag? Oh, you bet. In fact, a much-requested fan Mumble server is the first on the list. But that growth can’t just happen on its own.

Having been approached by those who’ve wanted to support my endeavors, and having a real personal distaste for ads that assault you every time you navigate a site, I’d long debated how I would proceed. The result? I have joined the ranks of Patreon. A perpetual Kickstarter-type system for content creation, Patreon allows folks a safe and easy way to support musicians, writers, and artists of all kinds while giving the artists a way to receive revenue to expand as well as personally interact with those who appreciate and consume their art. And it isn’t all up in your business like ads.

Even better, there are systems in place to help reward those who do support, with special bonuses, a supporter page, and more. The content on LSF and NiEQ will always be on the sites for free; that’s not about to change. But Patreon gives those who want to do more the chance to do so. And support means more cool stuff can come your way sooner rather than later. Feel free to check Patreon out. Even if you don’t support this site, you might find other artistic endeavors you just have to be a part of!

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  1. dirtyklingon on July 5, 2014

    i hope that mumble server comes in handy. i thought it would be more substantial than $5 a month and i’d love to have a place to hang out with you and the regulars in your streams and get away from my guild mumble from time to time LOL.

    • Shiny Addict Author on July 22, 2014

      Now if only you’d visit sometime… =P

    • Ketki on May 7, 2015

      to Zeldain, My fellow gamer. If you have been bdnlied, forgotten, or perhaps didn’t get a chance to play the first installment of the franchise which was Guildwars the pre-cursor. Then let me assure you my astute friend that Anet is not foolhardy and their B2P format does wonders when their team of now 250+ employee’s at their headquarters pumps out enough content to match that of it’s previously released version of the game in six to nine months down the road. I am obviously referring to Guildwars Prophecies, Guildwars Factions, Guildwars Nightfall, and later Eye of the North expansion.The ANet Dev’s have stated they will do exactly as they have in the past regarding to expansions and up to this point everything they have said they would do in regards to the development of Guildwars 2, they have done it. So, in that I will be rest assured that ANet will take care of all these things you mention and are concerned with through designing NEW worlds and new continents with NEW gear NEW dungeons and possibly new professions even to play. They have not stated a deadline of how soon each expansion will come out for GW2 but that is not for us to complain about. That should be viewed as a GIFT from ANet to the player base. ANet will produce just as nice shiny content as what you will see on release, as you do in any and all consecutive expansions that follow after it.I for one, choose the company who has been true to their word and stayed true to their word since it’s birth. I choose Anet, Blizzard although I love Starcraft(2) can go die a slow painful death.

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