My philosophy in gaming can be summed up pretty succinctly:

“It’s all fun and games. Literally.”

If you aren’t having fun, why are you even playing?

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  1. Diogo on May 7, 2015

    For a game to be successful, game threoy suggests you need a balance between risk, time investment and reward.Player made dungeons fail not in the risk vs. reward category, but rather in the time investment vs. reward category.There is a reason why most players of MMOs are not hard core raiders. The primary reason has to do with time.Most players are 2-3 hours a night 3-5 nights a week. Studies have shown that most players play solo or duo, grouping up for task specific purposes, after which the group separates.MMOs make a huge number of demands on a player’s time. Leveling up adventurers, leveling up AA, leveling up crafters, harvesting, questing, decorating, running festivals, doing player-made dungeons, roleplay, helping guildies, and on and on.There so many tasks to be done, that there is simply not enough play time to accomplish them all. Multiply that x10 if you have an alt army as well.To make player made dungeons successful, the rewards need to be increased. Not the tokens per se, but the rewards the tokens purchase.Additionally, in order to prevent player-made dungeons to be more than the 300 token MOB fest, there should be an incentive for designers and players to use the more creative dungeons.What that mechanism may be, I am not sure, but at this point player made dungeons are off the mark. Not by a lot, but they need some adjustments.Player made content is the future of MMOs in my opinion.If Neverwinter nights could develop a player run content game, then I am sure with a little more effort and incentive, that EQ2 can also manage it.