I got the BEST surprise in the mail today: My very own serving of Tutty ‘n’ Beans! And for the record, it’s way better than Tutty-on-a-stick! The unofficial mascot of Aion is now safely off the spit and in my house, though he is in a can.

This has got to seriously be the best presentation of a plushy ever, and a plushy is already at the top of the awesome chart. The can even has a nutrition label (20 grams of Adorableness, 14 grams of Fluff, and 14% vitamin PvP) and heating instructions. If building a fire and digging a pit is just too much work, you can take advantage of the magical option: Cast Flame Bolt at can. Repeat if necessary.

I am in love with my new pet porgus, and the whole thing will definitely have a place in honor in my collection. Long live Tutty! Thanks NCSoft for making such an awesome thing.

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