As those of you who follow my Massively.com adventures know, I jumped into the cute free-to-play game Wakfu for the first time recently when it released on Steam. And if you watched that episode of The Stream Team, you’d know that the game was far from a stroll through the bunny-populated park! In fact, it was quite a painful experience! You may wonder why such a strong reaction — why butchering those adorable, cute, fluffy little wabbits scarred me so much. There’s actually a reason:

bunny sam big
Notice the similarity? This picture depicts a little stuffed animal my son made for me when he was younger. With each punch, spell, or otherwise attack I felt like I was ripping apart something quite dear to me. Could you eradicate the sweet gift of a young child, lovingly made by his own hands? I am not sure I could ever log back into Wakfu without coming to tears.

Besides that, bunny punching should never be a thing! Never.

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