mMassively is not only gone, but it is gone. Gone gone. Just a short time ago the whole site was set to redirect to that other entity (that I shall not really comment on because… not worth the breath). The promised archiving under Engaget? Can’t find it. Not easy to find, and not all there. BUT… who wants to support them with clicks anyways?

Regardless, we can’t be erased. There is a way to still see all my past work (and that of the other great staff members) thanks to And bonus — none of the page views go to support the company that tossed the great news blog and its awesomestaff to the curb in the first place. So its loss., you seriously rock! You have my support (and all my clicks!).

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  1. agemyth on March 2, 2015

    I discovered this myself when looking up an article from last year. It was… jarring. Good to know is an option for when AOL decides needs to shut down some more (presumably) profitable properties it owns.

  2. Serban on April 27, 2015

    I have found this tho….on the website that it’s wise not to mention: