No, not Massively-that-was: me! That’s right, I have finally returned here, snuggled in the warm embrace of Looking for Shines. I don’t know about you, but I have seriously missed it here! And now I am back — for good.

I am sure you can all understand the hiatus during 2015. Once we decided to stick together and create something better than what we lost, I threw all my energies and time into building up Massively Overpowered. Much behind-the-scenes work went into that, and it left little time or energy to devote to here. On top of that, there were many more official streams to do, quite a bit more than I was allowed at the old site, so personal ones had to be temporarily set aside. I simply had to give the new site my all to help it be a successful successor. (OK, to be perfectly honest I could have had a little time, but that would have come at the expense of shiny hunting in game, and I just couldn’t cut that out of my life!)

I am proud of the work that went into MOP, but I never stopped missing it here. This is home — my home. My personal abode where I get to invite you all in to share in the search for and savoring of all things shiny in games.  And now that I have come home from a long-year’s work, I am ready to relax and entertain guests again. So the door is open, come on in and make yourself comfortable!

What can you expect during your stay? I have a number of drafts still sitting here, in varying states of readiness, that I’d wanted to share. However, I think we will just move forward from here on out. I still have fun ideas and plans for LFS that may have been put on hold for a time, but there’s no reason to hold them back any longer. I am looking forward to seeing these develop this year. I’ll be detailing those resolutions soon, but I want to hear from you: What would you like to see on LFS in 2016 and beyond? Share in the comments below!

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  1. Ravenwynd on January 12, 2016

    Welcome back MJ. Glad things are looking back up for you.

    • Shiny Addict Author on January 12, 2016

      Thanks! I didn’t want to steal any effort away from MOP last year, but I think it is safe to come back home now. And I have new single-player games I must stream!

  2. Darthbawl on January 12, 2016

    Hi MJ! 😀

  3. Katriana on January 14, 2016

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the place :)

    • Shiny Addict Author on January 14, 2016

      Thanks! I am pretty excited for this year.

  4. agemyth on January 19, 2016