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A duo of DuckyDuckies? Oh, it is happening! And the second one could be yours! What better way to reignite LFS than with a contest for the most adorable mascot ever? (Sorry Moglins, you were a close second!)

The moment Artix came in and gave the OK to give one DuckyDucky pet away in AdventureQuest 3D I’ve been extra excited. Sure, it has felt pretty special to have the one and only DuckyDucky by my side in game for a bit, but he was always meant to be shared. And now, we can start the sharing. The DuckyDucky Dos contest will run from now (you early birds who watched the MJTV stream on Wednesday got a head start!) until 1 January 2019, at which point a second DuckyDucky pet will be Artix-delivered to one special player at the start of the new year.

Now the big question, is how do you win it? As promised, here are the ins and outs for participating in this contest. It’s all about collecting points! At the end of the contest (December 31st) points will be tallied and the player with the highest total points will win. So how do you earn points? There are multiple opportunities:

How points on MJTV are given out:

  • Raffle winner earns one (1) point.
  • If winner is a follower of the channel, earns a bonus point for two (2) total.
  • Subscribers earn double points!

How points are given out on Twitter:

  • Raffle winner earns one (1) point unless contest states otherwise.
  • If winner is a follower on Twitter, earns one bonus point. (+1).



Raffles will be done randomly during streams. Extra raffles may happen when cheers or tips occur or when hitting certain viewer counts.  For instance, at 50 viewers there will be three (3) bonus raffles. At 75 viewers, there will be seven (7)!

A running tally of points will be recorded here. Good luck!

Updated 1 January 2019 1:00 am FINAL TALLY!

_Copella: 2

Acqulescent_: 1

Aquarian1023: 5

Bananennanen: 1

Bigem4837: 2

Billslowski: 4

BlastloXD: 2

Brutalfate: 3

bl00dyhell_aq3d: 7

ChrissytheBlesser: 11

CrossxBones: 2

DeraxAQ3D: 2

DrakenRide: 2

Ducklingslayer2: 4

Eonolith: 4

Esking100: 1

G0ldraven: 4

Katriana: 1

Krysdyn: 1

HikariKenzaki: 13

Ishabue: 2

Itsrallis: 11

Kryian: 1

Lctwo: 8

Leun9: 13

lowcrawlx: 1

M1nky: 6

Maxxie1979: 4

mblackowl: 2

Mechaniczyt: 2

Mimicindut: 2

Niveum: 2

Novv: 2

ObsidinElf: 2

Roxas: 16

SkinnySeahorse: 1

SkyFlairDr0KT: 1

Snowy_AE: 4

Tsakuri_Gasei: 2

UnknownWarrior001: 2

V_and_K: 1

Virgoproz: 1

Watchstar: 1

Wiseweefy: 1

Congratulations to Roxas who pulled out ahead at the last minute! It was a close one with many contenders. Thank you all for participating.

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  1. Chrissy The Blesser on December 21, 2018

    This is so exciting! I would gladly give up my Vampdragon to proudly have a Ducky Ducky to show off to everyone! 😀

    • Shiny Addict Author on December 22, 2018

      DuckuyDucky is blushing and feels honored!

  2. Leun9 on December 22, 2018

    I’m gonna try to revive LFS by posting my first comment here.

    ~DuckyDUCKY is the best companion to “reginite” it ahahaha!

    Just wondering, would you give a point for commenting on this thread? :3

    • Shiny Addict Author on December 22, 2018

      Great Idea! I don’t want to sneaky give points I didn’t tell folks for though, but I will totally make that another contest.

  3. RoxasAQ3D on December 22, 2018

    Ducky Ducky looks great in game!