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When you start singing “This is the fight that never ends…. it just goes on and on my friends!” You know that things aren’t going quite as planned! But that doesn’t mean you stop having fun.

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  1. Patricia on May 7, 2015

    I’ve been spending some time on my first seuiors EQ2 alt, and it has been pretty refreshing to have a completely separate leveling path from my first character. (This falls apart in T7, where my Dirge will have to clear out all of the solo timelines because I’m still getting slaughtered by mobs in Kunark at 68, but otherwise I’ve been able to reserve most of the evil and Faydwer content for alts.) I don’t think I’m ever going to end up with an account full of 80 s, but it’s nice that there are enough creative class/race options that I’d have a hard time picking just seven if I were going to make the attempt. I’m also slightly amused/horrified to hear of the demise of your Bruiser after having asked about the state of the class yesterday. Maybe that Ratonga Bruiser/Monk isn’t as good a plan as I’d been thinking .