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Of all the games over all the years, Aion is always going to hold a very special place in my heart that no other game can touch. It’s not because of the people I met (although a couple are my all-time best friends now), the amazing RP adventures I had (those were a bit lacking), or the amazing sandbox features (those were seriously lacking!). It’s not even the ability to fly using my own wings, which is one of the greatest things ever, that vaults the game into a category all its own. It’s because Aion is the reason for where I am today.

Because of the beautiful world of Atreia, I got my start at When I took over the Wings Over Atreia column I had the opportunity to share my love of a game with others and a larger scale then ever before; it opened me up to a larger gaming community, and my favorite part of gaming is the community! From there I branched out into more games, livestreaming, and ultimately made it right here, Looking for Shinies with all of you.

So here’s to you, Aion! Happy fifth anniversary. And thank you so much for the amazing gift you gave me. May this next year be your best one yet.

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  1. agemyth on November 6, 2014

    Never realized you got your start at Massively with the Aion column! I always associated you with The Tattered Notebook (what a terrible name that was) and now Norrathian Notebook.

    Well, I suppose I can’t say nothing good ever came from Aion’s existence :) (not that I would be one to say something like that).