QQIt’s no secret that today Massively Overpowered ( a group I am honored to be a part of) has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring back all the news-sharing, editorializing, screenshot one-shotting, and opinionating that was our favorite MMORPG blog. Apparently the cosmos already knew our plans!

It’s with more than a little irony that today’s horoscope reads:

“Ready or not, start investing your effort in the direction of your big goal.”

Yessir, Mr. Cosmos, Sir!

The fact that the goal is closing in on 50% funding in just hours is just a mind-blowing topic for another post!

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  1. Trucker on February 6, 2015

    Yeah we will see this site come alive in good health :)

  2. Ravenwynd on February 6, 2015

    Is that kismet? So glad to see/hear the kickstarter is going well. You all (massively staff) deserve it!

    Now maybe we can get that dungeon stream/column that got axed unfortunately.


    • Shiny Addict Author on February 6, 2015

      I was sooo excited for Dungeon Tours! I can’t wait to do them, so will hold off doing them personally here now in case we can make them a go on MassivelyOP

  3. Chris on February 6, 2015

    You guys just rock! Backed and supporting MOP :)

  4. Jason on February 7, 2015

    Good for you guys! I’m glad to hear it. I liked Massively a lot.

  5. Dagget on February 7, 2015

    Any chance of getting Beau Hindman back on board?

  6. joystickwhat76 on February 7, 2015

    By the time you finish that “50% Founded” article, it will be 100%!
    Incredible, that in just 2 days it’s just 6% to go…