Wonders never cease. Explain to me why a person would get totally huffy and indignant when someone calls a kids game a kids game? If it is made to specifically appeal to kids, be safe for kids, and be understandable to kids, what’s so wrong with calling it a kids game? Nothing, obviously!

I know, I shouldn’t really be surprised by anything in the gaming world now, but this one still had me scratching my head and arching one brow higher than the other. Let me set the stage. After starting and playing LEGO Minifigures Online (plug for really fun little smash-em up game here!), I referred to it as a kids game. For such, someone literally accused me of being ageist and went on a bit of a rant calling me out on my erroneous world-views. Um, but that’s exactly what it is. Why would it be even remotely insulting to call something what it is?

Labels are not evil; they exist to bring order to things. Can labels be misused? Certainly. But that doesn’t make the mere existence of them bad. We label games as multi-player and single-player so people know what type of gameplay to expect. We label games Rated M to show that they are not appropriate for younger ages. Conversely, we also label kids games as kids games so parents and kids know that such games are appropriate for the youngest of gamers. Does this mean adults can’t play? Heck no! I dove right into LEGO Minifigures Online as soon as those beta doors opened. I’ve also hopped in and played Pirate101 and Wizard 101. Does that mean someone who plays a kids game is an immature twit that can’t handle a real game? Um, no. I’d certainly like to think I do not fit any of those labels! When labels are simply a designation that provides some quick accurate info at a glance, it is a good thing. And necessary.

Yes, LEGO Minifigures Online is a kids game. And it appeals to all the fun-loving, LEGO-addicted teens and adults of the world as well. So jump right in and have some fun with it, no matter what your age! And I won’t think any less of you when you do. In fact, I’ll be right in there smashing and building away as well.

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  1. dirtyklingon on July 5, 2014

    thanks for reminding me i need to try this out.

    i don’t expect it to be super deep or complex.

    but then as far as what kids are able to play… well my 7 year old niece knows things about minecraft that will have your head spinning! though she’s an above average smart kid. but still, i remember the games i had to play as a kid and they were not at all forgiving. but even at age six i was figuring them out with maybe only a little help from magazines.

    on the other hand, nothing wrong with a kid’s game being a kid’s game.

    -life long lego collector and game player.

    • Shiny Addict Author on July 7, 2014

      LEGOS totally rock! I still have mine and I <3 them!